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Passion for leather and creativity are what drove the history of Longchamp, which is truly a family history. Founded by Jean Cassegrain in 1948, Longchamp is still held by the Cassegrain family. His son Philippe Cassegrain was only 11 years old when his father started the adventure in his little tobacco store in the heart of Paris and helped in the company by making small leather goods when he was not at school. For the Parisian luxury brand, all began with pipes, that they would sheath in fine leathers, as well as leather pouches and passport cases. Using classic leathers, but also exotic leathers such as crocodile leather, Longchamp quickly made its mark in the Parisian, but also international society. In the late 1950s, the brand known for its high-quality creations and service turned to create leather accessories, luggage, and handbags. Elegant, timeless lines characterize Longchamp’s leather goods, but also the emblematic horse logo, a nod to the Longchamp hippodrome situated close to a mill Jean Cassegrain had often seen when he went to his manufactures in Paris. If Longchamp is now known worldwide, it is also thanks to the opening of a boutique at the Orly Airport in the 1960s, where the Cassegrain family sold suitcases to international tourists coming to Paris. Creations such as the iconic foldable nylon tote bags and backpacks Le Pliage or the elegant Le Roseau leather handbags and shoulder bags have been seen on the arms of stars such as Kendall Jenner and Kate Moss today. Discover Longchamp’s origami-inspired Le Pliage collection, elegant handbags, wallets, and card cases available on Bongenie Grieder’s e-shop, but also in the stores. The elegant creations available in a variety of designs and a plethora of colours are perfect companions for any occasion. Shipping and in-store returns are free of charge, so don’t hesitate to treat yourself or your loved ones to a new bag or timeless accessory.