Men's shirts

Chic office styles and laid-back outfits for the weekend - what you need, is the perfect shirt. Find yours in our selection. You need a shirt for your suits? Go for a plain one or a delicately patterned shirt from our designer brands. Made of denim or adorned with bold checks, a casual shirt teams with jeans or chino trousers for a perfectly easy-going, laid-back style.

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As a staple of any masculine wardrobe, shirts come in classic 9-to-7-prove styles or casual looks for weekends. Monochrome in soft hues or discretely patterned and striped shirts are perfect matches for suits, whether worn with or without tie. Choose a close fit for tailored blazers. They are replaced by laid-back shirts on weekends. We simply love denim or chequered shirts, team yours buttoned-up with jeans and chino trousers, or open it over a solid-coloured T-shirt. Summery linen versions are not only breathable, but will also adapt to formal or casual looks. Explore our selection of designer shirts, and renew your perfect basics of the season. Designed by the most renowned Italian brands and carefully manufactured, our models are your guarantee for ageless sophistication. Simply order online, shipping is free of charge in Switzerland and in Liechtenstein.