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Founded in 2015 by Nicolò Oddi, Lombard entrepreneur, and his sister, Carlotta Oddi, fashion editor for Vogue Japan, young Italian label Alanui, known for its colourful cardigans, very quickly enticed more than 120 multi-grand stores all over the globe. Everything started out with a gift, a cardigan bought at the Passadena flee market that Nicolò offered to his sister. The cardigan will accompany her during a trip to Hawaii, where she discovered that it is simply the perfect cover-up for any occasion. This trip also inspired the name, Alanui, which means “large path” in Hawaiian. Hand knitted, the belted jacquard cardigans - button-less, oversized, and embellished with colourful fringes - come in a plethora of ethnic designs inspired by real and imaginary trips. Versatile and super-soft, they are made of organic cashmere by a Tuscan workshop. Real luxury knit, the jackets will last many years. Between four and seven different threads are used, and it takes between five and seven hours to knit one, six hours to assemble it and, in certain cases, a couple more hours for handmade embroideries. Each cardigan is delicately perfumed with a Hawaiian fragrance. Elevate your boho chic outfits with the luxury oversized cardigans by Alanui, embellished with ethnical and Hawaiian designs. Created and handmade in Italy, they are available online and in-store at Bongénie Grieder. Order online, shipping is free of charge in Switzerland and Liechtenstein.