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Founded in 1952 by René Ramillon and André Vincent, Moncler derives its name from the town Monestier-de-Clermont, where the label was born. The sleeping bag and tent producer begins to conceive goose down padded jackets for their factory workers, to help them face falling temperatures. Lionel Terray, mountaineer and alpine ski champion, realizes the brand's potential and orders the whole product range. In 1968, the company is bound to become official sponsor or the French alpine ski team at the Grenoble Olympics. It is at that time that the iconic logo displaying a rooster and an "M” shaped by two mountains appears. Later, in 1980, a collaboration with Chantal Thomass adds a stylistic edge that the products lacked. This helps Moncler to become a consumer brand, no longer only enticing athletes. However, this is not enough to stand competition, and in 1992, the Italian group Pepper Industries takes over the company. It is only in 2003 that the label lives a genuine turning point: Remo Ruffini, creative director since 1998, focuses on a more "fashionable” spirit, but keeps the brand's codes. Today, Moncler has become a luxury label dressing men, women and children with unique colours, designs and shapes. Find all the collection online and in-store at Bongénie Grieder.