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Inspired by the cold and rainy climate around the Lago Maggiore region in the winter, Giuseppe Marenzi imagines the perfect men's raincoat, using his military experience from World War II to improve the impermeability of fabric by simply coating it with castor oil. He decides to launch his own brand in 1948 in the Italian Erno valley at Lesa, calling his label Herno as a tribute to the river. Henceforth, he designs functional and resistant outerwear, never neglecting quality, elegance and Italian style. In the 1960s, Herno adds women's coats and jackets, as well as tailored cashmere pieces and reversible cover-ups to the product range. The brand will be the first Italian label to go to the Japanese market in 1971, and is now available worldwide. Herno moved to the 21st century starting in the 1990s, when Giuseppe's son Claudio Marenzi took over. Reinventing the down jacket, the new signature pieces come with short sleeves, large collars and glossy fabrics. Shop our selection of women's coats and down jackets from Italian label Herno at Bongénie Grieder, available in store and online. Order now, and enjoy free shipping in Switzerland and in Liechtenstein.