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Galvan London

From deep green shades to rich golden, neon pinks and violets, the shiny colour palette of the British brand Galvan London - which draws its name from the verb "to galvanize" - evokes the energy, excitement and empowerment of modern women. Founded in 2014 by four women, German designer Anna-Christin Haas, Sola Harrison, Katherine Holmgren and Carolyn Franks, the label came together over their shared desire to create a new kind of women's evening wear, inspired by a cosmopolitan approach. Based in London, the brand was first launched in order to fill a gap in the market for eveningwear. The quartet then launched a bridal line in 2018 and its first capsule collection of handbags in jewel-toned satins, adorned with sequins and tassels in 2019. Galvan London offers versatile, minimalist designs in silky fabrics, and has already seduced many stars over the past few years such as Sienna Miller and Jennifer Lawrence as well as Heidi Klum and Amanda Hearst, who have worn Galvan London's creations on the red carpet and at their weddings. The fashion-forward silken and velvety jumpsuits and slip dresses feature sleek and clean silhouettes that can easily be worn at a cocktail or wedding party as well as outside of a formal context. Feel galvanised by the super-feminine designs from the English label, and catch everyone's eyes. Discover the label at our stores as well as online, and enjoy the free shipping in Switzerland and Liechtenstein.