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Barbara Bui

Wishing to express herself through words, autodidact Barbara Bui first studied Literature at the Sorbonne University in Paris. The Franco-Vietnamese designer then realized that her words melted into lines and silhouettes, and decided to create fashion. Her first fashion show took place in 1987. By the end of the 1980s, she opened her first boutique in Paris. Her elegant yet laid-back designs quickly seduced the Parisians, before gaining its current international reputation. Barbara Bui's signature looks unite leather, studs and fur with asymmetric shapes. The fashion designer loves to intertwine different influences and add a touch of rock to each of her collections. Her pieces often borrow silhouettes from the masculine wardrobe, such as the smoking, and are perfect for contemporary women. Discover our assortment of Barbara Bui's blazers, trousers, dresses and tops in our store in Geneva, or take your pick from our online selection, shipping is free of charge in Switzerland and Liechtenstein.