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The Netherlands-based fashion brand ARMA was founded in 1985. It specializes in premium leather, shearling and suede products with a modern twist. It was the founders' father who imparted his expertise in the tanning and processing of these materials to his children. In the beginning, the brand concentrated on producing modern leather and suede re-interpretations of classic garments. Over time, ARMA expanded its product portfolio and started tailoring more unique designs for which it is famous today. The women's collection is elegant and feminine, while the men's collection is classic and modern. The company knows that the key to success is to adapt with changing times and to offer realistic prices that reflect the quality of their products. Suede and leather leggings such as the Roche model are among the brand's bestselling pieces. Their lining made of a stretch cotton blend makes them particularly comfortable. Order your favourite ARMA pieces online and enjoy free shipping in Switzerland and Liechtenstein.