Exquisite by pink maharani

Exquisite by pink maharani
the true.the good.the beautiful

The brand's slogan says it all: pink maharani reveals „the true.the good.the beautiful“! While „the true“ is here to remember us that behind every scarf, there is a wise and dedicated artisan with an ancestral know-how, „the good“ stands for the brand's strong commitment to female and children empowerment in countries like India. And „the beautiful“ underlines the amazing quality of each creation... Crafted from the finest cashmeres that are collected on the heights of Ladakh, pink maharani’s one-of-a-kind scarves are entirely handwoven by Indian artisans (mostly women) that are fairly remunerated. Founded in 2014 in Geneva, the brand strives to create the most exquisite artisanal creations by blending old traditional weaving techniques with the contemporary European aesthetics, making every piece unique and timeless! The ethical brand also works with several charity organizations on different health care and education programs, many of which are supporting women and children in India. Indeed, each pink maharani's shawl is a gift thanks to which you can directly support one girl in a country like India.

Kani Jamawar
The finest collection

Epitome of timeless elegance and luxury, the Kani Jamawar is the most sophisticated piece of fabric you will ever have on your shoulders. Adorned with one-of-a-kind embroidered patterns, each creation takes between six and eighteen months to be completed by hand by the master weavers from Jammu and Kashmir thanks to a multi-generational know-how. Called the „emperor(ess) shawl“, the Kani Jamawar was once worn by many great emperors, kings and queens such as Napoleon, King Akbar and Marie Antoinette, and now counts legions of fans, including A-line celebrities as well as political figures such as Princess Camilla of Wales, Hillary Clinton and Angelina Jolie! Exclusively available at Bongénie Grieder, it is a unique piece of jewel that will last for generations.

To learn more about the brand, read our interview of co-founder Narmada Ramakrishna on our blog.

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