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In-store purchases
General Terms and Conditions of sale

August 2019

I. Scope of these conditions

(a) In-store purchases:

These General Terms and Conditions of sale (hereinafter referred to as "GTC") apply to any sale by Brunschwig & Cie SA (hereinafter "Brunschwig") to its customers (hereinafter the “Customer") in its stores (hereinafter referred to as “BG stores").

(b) Exclusions:

- Goods and services from other retailers within BG stores:

These GTCs only apply to purchases of goods and services sold by Brunschwig.

They do not apply to any goods and services available from other retailers which are running shops-in-shops in business for themselves within some of the BG stores.

- Internet shopping:

Specific Conditions (available under the link and apply to online purchases on websites and respectively.

(c) BG cards: Additional terms:

- Brunschwig issues various types of "Bongénie Grieder" cards to be used as a means of payment for purchases of its goods and services ("Crescendo" credit card, "Adagio" customer card, Bongénie Grieder gift card).

- Each of these cards (some of them granting discounts or awards at certain conditions) are governed by Terms and Conditions of their own, available at BG stores as well as under FAQ on the website (

II. Purchasing

1. Available offer:

- Goods and services supplied by Brunschwig may vary from one BG store to another.

- Items available from Brunschwig stocks can occasionally be transferred from one BG store to another with a view to fulfilling Customer demand – this does not entail for Customer any obligation to purchase.

2. Purchasing operation:

- Items from Brunschwig’s product range are intended for retail sale.

- Brunschwig is entitled to waive a sale, in particular when the intended purchase appears to be meant for commercial purposes (resale).

3. Reservations:

- In-store reservation: Brunschwig - at its sole discretion and as the case may be - may accept in-store reservation by the possible purchaser of an item. However, such reservations without actual purchase can by no means exceed 3 working days.

- Carrying away a reserved item is only allowed to holders of a “Bongénie Grieder” “Crescendo” credit Card, and this to the extent specified under “Carrying away a selection of goods” in the Terms and Conditions governing the use of said Card.

III. Retail prices and payments

1. Pricing:

- Pricing as displayed includes all related taxes (VAT). This also applies to prices of discounted items.

- Prices may be subject to changes at Brunschwig’s discretion.

- As a rule, a same item is sold at the same price in all BG stores as well as on Brunschwig’s websites.

- However, prices may differ (only between all BG stores on the one hand and either one of the Brunschwig websites on the other hand) as promotional sales may take place separately – whether solely in all BG stores, or solely on one of the BG online shop and BG Outlet websites for online sales.

- In such cases, the amount due is the price displayed at the very time and place of the transaction through the sale channel concerned (i.e. either the price displayed at BG stores for an in-store purchase, or the price displayed on the relevant BG website for an online purchase) – and this notwithstanding the difference in price should the same item be purchased through the other Brunschwig sale channel.

2. Payments:

In addition to cash, payment is accepted:

- by means of the various debit or credit cards processed by its electronic payment terminals (MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Postcard).

- by means of "Bongénie Grieder" cards issued by Brunschwig, each governed by Terms and Conditions of their own which are available at BG stores as well as under GTC on websites and (see article I. (c) above).

IV. Warranty against defects

1. Defects in the object of the purchase:

All goods sold by Brunschwig in its BG stores and on its websites either originate from suppliers directly, or are distributed by suppliers own authorized agents. They are quality controlled upon delivery and as a rule always meet the high-level quality requirements expected from the brands concerned.

However, should an item acquired from Brunschwig show a flaw, i.e. a defect owing to some manufacturing error or to a transport or storage mishandling, articles 197 and following of the Swiss Code of Obligations apply.

2. Procedure in case of defect:

For claims in the case of defects as defined hereinabove:

- Customer is required by law to examine the purchased object without delay after purchase and any defect must be reported to Brunschwig as soon as it is discovered; failing which the item is deemed to have been accepted.

- When returning to Brunschwig the defective items, Customer must present the corresponding voucher which was handed out to him at the time of purchase.

- If a defect in the legally defined sense is actually established, the case will be solved as provided by law (paid price reimbursed or reduced according to circumstances).

- Should a defect have not been recognizable in the course of a customary examination at the time of purchase and should it only show at a later date, warranty can be enforced for the said defect until two years from the date of purchase of the defective item - provided however that the aforementioned procedure (including reporting the hidden defect immediately upon discovery) has been duly observed.

V. Returns

1. Principle:

Aside from such defect or rescission cases as legally provided for, Brunschwig is willing to accept cancellation of purchases without justification, subject however to the following conditions.

2. Time limit:

Goods may be returned only up until 14 days at the latest from the date of purchase.

3. Conditions:

- The returned item must be in its original condition (neither worn nor washed) with all tags still unremoved;

- The corresponding voucher handed out by Brunschwig at the time of purchase must be presented.

4. Free appreciation of Brunschwig:

Brunschwig reserves the right to refuse a return of goods should it consider at its sole discretion that all requirements as set forth under this Article V. 1. to 4. have not been satisfactorily met.

5. Discounted items:

Returns under the terms described in this Article V. 1. to 4. are also accepted for discounted items.

6. Exclusions from returns:

No returns shall be allowed for perfumes, cosmetics and bath products, swimsuits and lingerie items.

Return conditions as described under Article V. 1. to 5. herein above do not apply to such products under any circumstances.

7. Refunds:

- Insofar as Brunschwig accepts a return in the sense of this Article V., the returned item can be exchanged or refunded as requested by Customer.

- At Customer's choice, refund can occur either by delivering a "Bongénie Grieder" gift card charged with the corresponding amount, or by returning the said amount through the very means of payment as the one used by Customer for the said purchase - provided that, if the initial payment occurred by credit card, the refund be credited back on the same card.

VI. Protection of personal data

1. Brunschwig's compliance with applicable legislation:

Brunschwig scrupulously observes the Federal Act on Data Protection.

2. Internal procedures:

- Brunschwig maintains the strictest secrecy regarding all information related to Customer, which shall be kept and processed by Brunschwig solely to the extent needed for Customer’s service. Strictly for the purpose of Customer’s service, Brunschwig may forward such information to corporations specialized in auxiliary data processing, in so far as such corporations are themselves submitted to the relevant data protection regulations. Aside from this situation or from possible cases of a legal obligation, under no other circumstances shall Customer’s personal data ever be disclosed to any third Party.

- In-store sales transactions require little personal information from Client – to the exception of “Bongénie Grieder” cards, the delivery of which involves providing various personal data as mentioned under their own Terms and Conditions (available at BG stores as well as on websites and under GTC).

VII. Amendments to these GTC

Bongénie Grieder reserves its right to modify these General Terms and Conditions of sale at any time.

The coming into force of any and all newly amended versions shall be specified hereafter.

Current version: 2.3: 30.08.2019.

VIII. Applicable law

These General Terms and Conditions of sale as well as all transactions to which they apply are exclusively subject to Swiss law.

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