General online Terms and Conditions (GTC) Brunschwig & Cie SA (hereafter: Bongénie Grieder). November 2019
Bongénie Grieder’s Online Shop (hereafter referred to as BG Online Shop) is the virtual subsidiary of Brunschwig & Cie SA.

Bongénie Grieder | Online Shop | 3-5, chemin de la Marbrerie | CH-1227 Carouge GE

I. Generalities

The present general online terms and conditions of the company Brunschwig & Cie SA govern the contractual relationships between Bongénie Grieder’s online store, virtual subsidiary of Brunschwig & Cie SA, and the customer (hereafter referred to as “the customer”) using its proposed services. They apply exclusively to orders placed on BG Online Shop as appropriate.

BG Online Shop proposes a selection of the items and services available in our stores. A certain number of items can be exclusively available in our online store. The product offer and services on BG Online Shop are only applicable if displayed on the website and only available while stocks last.

Pictures are simply shown on BG Online Shop for illustrative purposes, and are by no means binding.

II. Guarantees

On BG Online Shop, the customer disposes of different types of products in perfect condition. All items are controlled at reception and are tagged. Should these tags be removed from the product, the latter may no longer be returned.

The customer is to examine the delivered goods at reception. Possible product defects or shipping errors must be reported to Bongénie Grieder’s customer service in detailed written form immediately, however, at the latest within 10 days after reception of the goods (or, in case of latent defects, as soon as the defect is discovered). In case of late notice, the goods are deemed as accepted and all claims under guarantee will be declined.

In case of on-time notice, the defective goods are to be returned to Bongénie Grieder | Online Shop | 3-5, chemin de la Marbrerie | Case Postale 1676 | CH-1227 Carouge GE in their original packaging and in the delivery box used for shipping. If the complaint is justified, BG Online Shop reserves the right to choose the way the deficiency is remedied, either by reparation of the defect, a shipping of non-defective goods or the refund of the defective articles. The customer can also come to one of the boutiques and have our in-store team examine the defect.

The delivery boxes were developed for our online store. The packaging is sustainable, is mostly made of recycled paper and is meant to be reused for returns and exchanges.

III. Registration and account

In order to be able to use certain services proposed by Bongénie Grieder, and in particular to place orders on the BG Online Shop, the customer needs to create an account which he can modify or delete at any time. The personal information is to be filled in accurately.

Further to the registration, the customer will receive a confirmation e-mail. In order to go to “My account”, the customer has to sign in with his or her e-mail-address and password. His personal space gives access to personal information and the customer’s order history. He or she can also register the number indicated on his or her Adagio card in order to collect points.

Only consumers residing in Switzerland or in Liechtenstein can place orders. The shipping address has to be in Switzerland or in Liechtenstein.

IV. Orders

1. Place an order

Purchases on the BG Online Shop are exclusively reserved for customers who are correctly registered with accurate information.

To place an order, it is important the customer follows the indications from our FAQ. After having picked size, colour and quantity of the desired article(s), the customer is to add the article to “My shopping bag”. The next steps are to check and accept possible delivery expenses, the declaration of personal data protection, the right of withdrawal (10 days), and the payment method. To finalize the order, the customer must click on “Send the order”.

After each placed order, BG Online Shop confirms the latter to the customer by e-mail. The order is effective at reception of the said confirmation. However, for the order to be definite, BG Online Shop has to accept the order.

The customer cannot modify or cancel his orders via his customer account. For questions concerning orders, the customer service will be happy to help by phone (0800 245 245) or e-mail: support(at)

Any use of this website for professional or commercial purposes, for example to resell articles to third parties, is strictly prohibited. In case of breach, the customer is exposed to immediate exclusion and can face a suit for damages by Bongénie Grieder. In certain exceptional cases, Bongénie Grieder can limit the maximum number of deliverable items by customer.

BG Online Shop retains the right to accept any order placed via

2. Product Availability

In spite of all the precautions taken by Bongénie Grieder to ensure the most accurate information concerning the availability of the proposed articles, it can happen that several items deemed available at the moment of the order no longer are. Should one or more items of the order be permanently unavailable, Bongénie Grieder will be obligated to cancel the order partially or entirely.

V. Prices

All prices displayed on the BG Online Shop are indicated and exclusively payable in Swiss Francs. They include VAT. This is also applicable to prices including discounts. BG Online Shop reserves the right to modify prices at any time.

The prevailing prices are the same in-store and online. However, some promotional offers may only apply to the Online Shop.

The price invoiced to the customer is the operative price at the moment of the order, and is also indicated on the order confirmation.

Packaging and shipping costs are borne by Bongénie Grieder and are not invoiced to the customer. Exceptions are expressively notified.

VI. Payment methods

BG Online Shop proposes the following payment methods: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, PayPal, Postcard, Bongénie Grieder credit card, Bongénie Grieder gift card and payment on invoice.

A. Payments

1. Card Payment

The customer can purchase articles by credit card. All payments take place in a secure space applying the highest security standards (https://).

We and our payment partners use encrypted and entirely secure transmission and payment methods. Furthermore, BG Online Shop does not register any information concerning your payments.

Transactions are debited once the order is shipped, after control of the credit card information and the payment withdrawal approval by the credit card provider and order confirmation by BG Online Shop.

Any payment by credit card or Postcard is treated by our partner SIX Payment Services. The data is encrypted and transferred to SIX Payment Services for treatment.

2. Payment by Bongénie Grieder Card

The customer can use his or her Bongénie Grieder credit card to purchase items on the BG Online Shop, as long as the balance of the prepaid card is sufficient to pay the entire order.

3. Payment by Gift Card

Bongénie Grieder gift cards can be used to pay for orders on the BG Online Shop. It is possible to use several gift cards for the payment of one order.

4. Payment on Invoice

BG Online Shop offers its customers the possibility of payment on a billing basis (after solvency assessment and for an amount inferior or equal to CHF 500). The invoice is sent out to the customer with the order and must be paid within a 10 day period from the billing date. The banking information and necessary transaction slips pertaining to the creditor account are included in the delivery package.

To rate customer solvency, BG Online Shop must retrieve information from third party databases (organizations such as collection agencies). While placing the order, the customer must state his or her agreement as to our access to this information. Should a customer not be deemed as solvent, payment on BG Online Shop will only be allowed through credit card transactions. In case of reasonable doubt, BG Online Shop reserves the right to require a proof of residency and a copy of the customer’s identity documents.

Bongénie Grieder reserves the right to withhold an option to invoice.

Bongénie Grieder also reserves the right to refuse processing of any order that has been placed using Cash on delivery.

B. The loyalty card Bongénie Grieder Adagio

The customer collects points with every purchase in our stores or on the BG Online Shop. However, in order to collect points, the customer must indicate his Bongénie Grieder Adagio card information under “My account” and “My personal information”.

For payments by credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, American Express), 1 CHF = 0.5 point.

For payments by debit cards (Maestro, Postcard), 1 CHF = 1 point.

Once the customer attains 3000 points, he or she will receive a prepaid card with a balance corresponding to the bonus. The latter can be used in the Bongénie Grieder, Max Mara, Hofstetter and Buzzano stores as well as the BG Online Shop or BG Outlet by indicating the card number in the field “I HAVE A GIFT CARD”. The bonus is to be used within 18 months.

Bongénie Grieder credit card holders also collect points on a yearly basis from the 1st of January to the 31st of December of the current year. After this period, the collected points are no longer available.

Adagio card holders receive a 120 CHF bonus card per 3000 points.

C. Delayed payment and recovery procedures

1. Delayed payment on invoice

In the event of delayed payments, Bongénie Grieder reserves the right to withhold from processing new orders and to bill the customer for fees related to formal notice. We may require the return of all or part of the goods, whereas related shipping charges will also be charged to the customer.

2. Recovery Procedures

Should Bongénie Grieder have to take legal action against a customer for default in paying, his or her right to use the billing process for payment will be permanently revoked. Bongénie Grieder also reserves the right to freeze the accounts held within Bongénie Grieder by any customer who fails to clear his or her debts despite repeated reminders. Any possible renewed registration on BG Online Shop using either incorrect or false information would fall within articles 146 and 147 of the Swiss penal code as swindling and fraudulent behaviour. Bongénie Grieder is entitled to cancel or suspend an order if:

  • a. customer solvency is rejected or doubtful;
  • b. the customer is subject to more than one debt collection claim;
  • c. any dishonest intent is justifiably suspected.

VII. Delivery

BG Online Shop exclusively ships ordered goods to Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Due to legal reasons and until further notice, orders placed for countries beyond these areas cannot be processed. The delivery will take place between 1 and 5 days after reception of the order. Delivery delays may not give rise to any claims for compensatory damages.

Packaging and shipping costs are borne by BG Online Shop and are not invoiced to the customer. Exceptions are expressively notified.

VIII. Right to restitution | Returns

The customer has the right to return unworn articles within 14 days of the invoicing date, which is indicated on the invoice enclosed in your delivery box, by post or by bringing them directly to one of the stores.

After that date Bongénie Grieder retains the right to refuse the return.

By Swiss Post
The customer has to register postal returns in his account under “My Account” and “My Orders”, in order to print the return voucher with its return number. In order to facilitate the treatment of the returned articles and their refund, the delivery box used for the shipping has to include the return voucher.

The return address is indicated on the voucher. The customer has to indicate his name and address in the appropriate space on the voucher. At reception of the products, the BG Online Shop team will carry out a quality control.

All returned items must be in their original condition and neither have been worn nor washed. Items without tags will be refused. They must also be shipped back in their original packaging. Failing which, BG Online Shop is entitled to refuse to take them back and/or may claim for damages.

In case of return by post, the customer will bear all costs and risks in association with the shipping of the goods.

Shoes must be returned unworn and in perfect condition in their intact original packaging (shoe box). The latter cannot be used as delivery box.

Perfumes and cosmetics cannot be returned.

For hygienic reasons, we do not accept returns of bathing suits and lingerie articles.

Some garments bear an additional Bongénie Grieder white seal logo, which is also to be considered as a security tag.

In case of returns of goods purchased on invoice, the shipping costs and invoice remain at the customer’s own charge.

In case of return of an article paid by prepaid card, a new gift card will be issued.

In-store returns
All Bongénie Grieder stores accept returns free of charge within the opening hours. The customer must come with the printed invoice and hand it over to our in-store team. The return voucher under “My account” and “My orders” is optional.

Our teams will then check the quality of the products.

A list of our stores and opening hours is available under the category «Our stores and restaurants».

IX. Refunds

Should all above-mentioned conditions be met, the returned object may be refunded (or exchanged, however, this will only be possible in-store).

Refunds are carried out by the same payment method as the one chosen for paying the order. The refund is effective at reception in-store or by post.

Our in-store team can refund the return by credit card only if the same credit card was used for the order. The refund cannot reflect exchange rate fluctuations. Otherwise, the refund will be made by prepaid gift card. Refunds on the Bongénie Grieder card are carried out with immediate action in-store, and at reception of the parcel for postal returns.

Refunds on a gift card are carried out with immediate action in-store. Should the return be shipped to us by post, a new card is issued and sent by post at reception date of the return.

In case of payment on invoice, the value of the returned article must be deduced from the invoice, the balance is to be paid by the customer. Should there be no balance, the invoice shall be erased.

Should the customer have used his or her Adagio card and wish refund, the collected points will be deduced.

X. Reservation of ownership

The ordered goods remain in the ownership of Brunschwig & Cie SA until their complete payment. The group is entitled to request their return in their original condition in case of default of payment of already delivered goods. Bongénie Grieder reserves the right to press charges and to claim damages.

XI. Product Quality

BG Online Shop offers an array of premium and luxury designer products. Bongénie Grieder guarantees the authenticity of all products sold in our BG Online Shop. Our product lines boast the highest level of quality of fabrics, designs and finishing.

All items are made within supplier factories or designer workshops.

Should the customer wish to make any type of claim, he or she can contact Bongénie Grieder’s customer service (from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 12 am and from 1 pm to 5 pm) by phone or e-mail:

If the customer is not entirely satisfied or if delivered products do not match his or her order, we kindly ask the customer to keep the items and related documents in their packaging and to contact us by e-mail at: support(at)

XII. Discrepancies

Products made available in our online boutique are merchandised using digital picture representations of actual items. Minor differences may exist through this process, however this cannot be considered in any way as a product imperfection.

XIII. Data and privacy protection

We believe that data protection and the respect of our customers’ private sphere are essential. The information on the customer’s Bongénie Grieder account are exclusively used in the context of his or her business relation with Bongénie Grieder. The information is neither shared nor sold to third parties.

Bongénie Grieder follows the code of ethics of remote trading established by the Swiss association of mail order (ASVPC).

The customers’ bank information is never in our possession, as all banking transactions are carried out by totally secured and encrypted transmission by our payment partners.

Bongénie Grieder will only store information that is necessary for the customer service.

To create an account in the BG Online Shop, the customer must provide personal information. He or she will be asked to enter his or her gender, first and last name, e-mail address, interface language, date of birth, address and phone number. Information highlighted by * is mandatory for the correct processing of orders. Without these pieces of information, BG Online Shop cannot treat the customer’s orders.

None of the information is communicated to a third party, with the exception of our service providing partners. The latter require the relative data to process the orders, payments, shipments, credit rating inquiries or statistical analysis only. They do not have any rights as to using the data in their own interest. Information flow is therefore reduced to a minimum.

Bongénie Grieder Online Shop makes use of persistent cookies. Their purpose is simply to register customer transactions, enhance further visits on our website and future orders by allowing us to adjust our offer to his or her preferences. You can authorize cookies from the security parameters found in your browser options.

Bongénie Grieder uses Google Analytics to draft anonymous reports on BG Online Shop user activity. Google Analytics is a tool used only for Bongénie Grieder internal market analysis as we look to adapt Bongénie Grieder Online Shop services to our customers’ needs.

Any personal information recorded on our website (address, purchases) are processed with stringent confidentiality guidelines. Our customers can easily edit or delete this information anytime they choose along with their login, account or address via “My account” and “My personal information”.

XIV. Modifications

We reserve the right to modify the above sales terms and conditions – of which the last applicable update is always displayed. Version 2.2: 11.11.2019.

Conditions pertaining to the use of our website are subject to Swiss regulatory provisions and their meaning is to be determined in compliance with Swiss law.

XV. Applicable law | Jurisdiction

Swiss law is applicable to the above sales terms and conditions as well as to any related process or transaction.

In case of a dispute and should the customer be the defendant, the judicial authorities at his or her domicile shall have jurisdiction. Should the customer be the plaintiff, he or she can choose to bring legal action either before the Geneva courts as the jurisdiction of Brunschwig & Cie SA's headquarters, or before the Zürich courts and the jurisdiction of Brunschwig & Cie SA's subsidiary.

XVI. Contact

Any further information or any comments you might wish to make are to be directed to the following e-mail | postal address: