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Thomas Burberry established the venerable British fashion house in 1856. The coat-specialist invented the gabardine fabric, a breathable and waterproof material, which he used to manufacture the famous trench coat worn by First World War soldiers, before becoming a wardrobe staple worn by 20th century celebrities. Who could forget Audrey Hepburn under the rain in her trench coat in "Breakfast at Tiffany's” final scene? The London-based brand outfits the Royal Family since 1955. The label's typically British signature white, black and beige "Nova Check” tartan can be seen on Burberry's coat linings, but also on their scarves, umbrellas and other accessories. Often imitated, but never rivalled, Burberry's elegant and refined British style stays up to date with its perfectly finished bags and must-have scarves. Worldwide, Burberry offers ready-to-wear collections for women, men, and children, who now have their own brand Burberry Children. Update your wardrobe with our selection of clothes and accessories available in our stores and on our online shop.